What's Included?

✔️ Full Set Smile Makeover £33 Per Month

✔️ Life Changing Results In 2 Hours

✔️ No Drilling No Injections

✔️ FREE Exam Consult And Digital Smile Design (£200)

✔️ FREE Protective Splint (£200)

✔️ FREE Whitening (£400)

✔️ FREE Protective Glaze (£200)

✔️ FREE Scale And Polish (£60)

Bonding Case

This beautiful patient came in with an old bonding and protrused centrals. After her mini smile makeover with 4 direct composite veneers, she now smiles all the time!

Bonding Case

Boutique Whitening was used to brighten this lady’s teeth to a naturally white shade which she loves!! I then used composite bonding to even the teeth and create a fuller smile.

Bonding Case

This patient hated the gaps in her teeth. I closed these gaps with 4 direct composite veneers. A beautiful smile transformation completed in just a few hours.

How The Treatment Works:

1. Your dentist picks a shade of resin that matches the natural colour of your teeth and scans your teeth.

2. You are then shown a temporary version to confirm if you like the shape, size and position of your new smile.

3. Once you are happy with this, the permanent composite bonding is prepared. It is carefully applied to your teeth, with no need for any work or damage to them.

4. Your dentist then carefully shapes and smooths the resin to hide any imperfections, for a result that looks entirely natural. The permanent Composite Bonding is filled in one visit.

5. Once the resin has been shaped, it is hardened very quickly with the help of a special light.

Bonding Case

This patient had protruded centrals and some crowding that had been badly disguised with some old bonding. To treat this, we removed the old bonding and placed four composite veneers in only a few hours.

Bonding Case

Direct composite bonding is perfect for patients who want to make slight improvements to their smile and overall aesthetic appearance. It requires minimal drilling, with life changing results being achieved in just a few hours. What an incredible smile!

Bonding Case

What a lovely patient, Erika wanted her diastema closing. Taking the big step of having cosmetic procedure to close the gap we chose four minimal prepped composite veneers or bonding to improve the look.

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What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a treatment used to improve the shape, colour and overall appearance of patients’ teeth.

It uses the same resin material used for white fillings and is most frequently used on the front teeth – those that show when you smile.

The Benefits of Composite Bonding?

✔️ Hide a multitude of dental imperfections, such as minor chips and cracks caused by accidents or injuries.

✔️ An affordable option compared to other dental cosmetic and treatment options

✔️ An amazing alternative to Crowns or Veneers

✔️ It generally takes on one sitting to perform the procedure

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My Philosophy

My philosophy is about creating an experience from the moment you walk into the practice. It starts with re-establishing confidence in your smile!

One of the first things people notice about someone is their smile, and improving this, can have lifechanging effects. My aim is to work with you, look at every aspect of your smile that you are not happy about, and create a bespoke treatment plan to bring you the perfect smile you always wanted.

It all starts with a consultation and inspiration in a relaxed atmosphere!

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